HSBC Global Asset Management in partnership with AsianInvestor

Thought Leadership
Lead Generation

Educate a targeted audience on the development of and opportunities available in the HKD bond market

    • Gather insights from the largest buyers (and potential buyers) of HKD-denominated bonds on their views of this asset class – to create multi-channel content to position HSBC Global Asset Management as the go-to manager for HKD bonds
    • Develop an online survey – sent exclusively to relevant investment executives at leading asset owners in HK and across Asia
    • Conduct follow-up calls with 15 priority clients – the largest HK-based insurance companies comprising the most active buyers of HKD bonds
    • Publish the key survey take-aways and detailed investor insights via two online articles on, including infographics
    • Create a video Q&A with Cecilia Chan, fixed income CIO at HSBC Global Asset Management in Asia Pacific, on the firm’s HKD bond outlook
    • Create a content series presenting key information and educational insights to readers over a 10-month period
    • Host a webinar gathering a diverse panel of senior experts to discuss diversification, risk management and how to shore-up risk-adjusted return targets at a time when stability is highly sought-after