Adobe in partnership with Campaign Asia

Thought Leadership
Lead Generation

Generate potential leads for Adobe Creative Cloud, the client’s flagship project

    • Adobe wanted to expand their business in ANZ, Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan but felt they needed to better understand their customers’ creative needs in these regions.
    • They wanted to leverage Campaign’s database and editorial expertise to create a survey and report that would position them as the go-to resource for creative professionals.
    • Campaign Asia worked closely with the client to craft questions for a survey on ‘The Value of Creativity’, which was designed to engage their target audience while gaining a deeper understanding of what clients look for in a creative platform.
    • The results were brought to life in a 30-page report created by the Content Lab team. The team combined insights from the results of Campaign’s past analyses, as well as statistics from other surveys, to help Adobe better identify respondents’ pain points to help them tailor more effective marketing strategies.